Gardens, guns and flytraps

Garden & Gun is not a magazine for people with split personalities. It’s named after a legendary bar in Charleston, S.C., and published down there (in Charleston, not in the bar). It’s got beautiful photography, an interesting take on the South, and in this issue, a story by yours truly.

Go take a look and see what you think. Of course it’s even better if you buy a copy (or several dozen). And, as always, patronize their advertisers.

One thought on “Gardens, guns and flytraps”

  1. Tommy,
    I tried to send you an e-mail commenting on your “meaning of Obama” that the Observer used in a full page cover for their post election special on Seturday, but it bounced back. If you send me an e-mail with your new address, I’ll send it again.
    Many thanks and best wishes to you and Alix,
    Dick Berg

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