Thoughts on Writing

I’ve been teaching off and on for a while now about writing and storytelling. Most of my workshops have been at Queens University here in Charlotte. I hope to do another one soon; if you’re interested, email me ( and I’ll let you know when it happens. We’ve also talked about doing a class online, so if you might want to try that, let me know so I can gauge some interest.

Some posts and such:

My class, condensed

A summary of the magazine writing class I taught at Wake Forest in the spring of ’17.

Everything you need to know about storytelling in five minutes

This is the best thing I’ve written about storytelling, I think — it’s a good way to figure out if you have a story, and then what to do with it.

The four questions

Here’s a way to get at something even more fundamental — what you ought to write ABOUT.

Making words work for a living

A piece for Nieman Storyboard in praise of plain language. The comments on this one are excellent.

The truth of time

A talk I gave at the Dazzle Gradually gathering in Rock Hill about writing, art and getting at the essence of things.

Ode To Billie Joe

I’ve done a little series for Nieman Storyboard¬†called Liner Notes, where I look at storytelling techniques through some really great songs. Here’s a page with all the posts if you’re interested.