4 thoughts on “The power of helplessness”

  1. With the exception of the least fortunate among us no one is helpless. That is the illusion. Reaching for spiritual strength does work as long as one seeks the ability to maximize their own potential to do good in the world. The first stanza of the Serenity Prayer expresses that sentiment quite nicely. Acceptance, courage, and wisdom are the hallmarks of thousands of self-help books.

  2. Tommy, just by happenstance I came across your blogpost on Richard Sherman’s “quote fired round the world” (4M views — what can you say but WOW!?!) which led to seeing the quote you featured from Catherine Marshall above. That leads me to share this…
    From a blogpost I did last year about the symbol of brokenness at the heart of the Christian faith and tradition, and why(on my better days anyway) I’m this struggling believer in love with the Episcopal liturgy and the Mystery housed in it.

    Keep those cards and letters coming!

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