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Some recent pieces published in other places:


Between the Hedges With Vince Dooley (Garden & Gun)

The University of Georgia’s former football coach has created a second act for himself — as a master gardener.

Reverend Resistance (Esquire)

My first piece for Esquire: a profile of the Rev. William Barber, a North Carolina pastor who has a chance of becoming the leader of the resistance to President Trump.

A Racing Mind (ESPN)

My profile of Dale Earnhardt Jr. — maybe the most introspective person I’ve interviewed, inside sports or out.

Requiem for the Double Door (Charlotte Observer)

Some thoughts on the closing of one of Charlotte’s true icons — and a place I spent so much money and time.

The Lexicon of Charlie Weis (ESPN)

The former Notre Dame and Kansas coach (and owner of four Super Bowl rings as an assistant) opens up — even though his agent didn’t want him to.

Ichiro Suzuki, still connecting (ESPN)

I spent some time in Miami with one of the most interesting athletes in the world as he approached a milestone — 3,000 major-league hits. But Ichiro has connected many more times than that.

How my dad and I learned to love Muhammad Ali (ESPN)

A quick column after Ali’s death about sitting with my dad and watching the champ fight.


The secrets behind the grass for Super Bowl 50 (ESPN)

Even the turf for the Super Bowl is planned out and fussed over for a year and a half before the game … and there are still some secrets. It turned out players still complained about the turf after the game. Michael Oher would probably complain if he ever stops sliding.

Our Old Dog (Charlotte Magazine)

Fred, our best fella, died in October. I wrote about him for the blog and Charlotte Magazine graciously edited and crafted the posts into one story. It makes me smile to see it, even though we still miss him every day.

The Final Act Of Jim Boeheim (ESPN)

My look at change and time, told through Syracuse’s legendary basketball coach.