tommycoffeeTommy Tomlinson spent 15 years as a prize-winning local columnist for the Charlotte Observer. He writes for magazines including Sports Illustrated, Reader’s Digest, ESPN the Magazine, Southern Living, Our State and many others. He has also written for websites including Sports on Earth and

His stories were chosen for the books “Best American Sports Writing 2012” and “America’s Best Newspaper Writing.” In 2005, he was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in commentary. He has also taught writing at Queens University in Charlotte and at workshops across the country.

He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and was a 2008-09 Nieman Fellow at Harvard University.

Tommy and his wife, Alix Felsing, live in Charlotte with their old yellow Lab, Fred.

8 thoughts on “Bio”

  1. We’re past spring; are you coming back to Charlotte? I have so missed your insightful columns and truly hope you aren’t one of the recent changes the Observer has made.

  2. Your farewell column in the Observer today was great! I will miss your stories. As one of the few guys in this country who does not follow sports, I am not likely to read much of your future work. But I wish you well.

    By the way, I shared your post on Facebook about the upcoming vote on the marriage amendment. It was fabulous.

    Best wishes!

  3. Tommy,
    I have read your articles for years, cried with many, have taught yoga at the Charlotte Observer for the last 5 years, and read your today’s article in the Observer with much interest.
    I am an integrative health coach, as well as a yoga teacher and social worker. I love to work with people like you, with motivation for growth and change.
    I don’t usually make “cold calls,” but could not resist this am. I invite you to take a look at my website, and if inspired, give me a call or send an email.
    All best to you with your big hill, and all the rest!
    Nancy Nicholson
    August 27, 2013

  4. Tommy..hope to see more of your writings in the Observer again! Are you going to offer more writing courses @ Queens??


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