A little makeover

I’ve never been quite satisfied with how this blog looks, so I’m playing with the design again — this WordPress theme is called Newsworthy. If you’ve seen another theme you like, or another site you think looks really good, mention it in the comments. I’m going to fix up my main site at some point, too — starting with the photo, which is from my pre-beard days (at least five years ago). Would love any thoughts on what you might like to see there.

While you’re here: Nieman Storyboard, part of the Nieman Foundation at Harvard, is featuring my work today (I was a Nieman fellow in 2008-09) as part of the run-up to the foundation’s 75th anniversary next week. I feel like Muggsy Bogues in a room of 7-footers. But I’m thrilled to be in the room.

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